#111 - Feminism is so 2017 guys

Here yee here yee snowflakes one and all come be offended as we try to piece together what we feel the world of biased and untold unjust gender logic... We don't have a clue like the vast majority, are ther 5, 10, 80 pro nouns I should know. What are the reasons men on average earn more in the stats presented on the side of the gender pay gap. What is the gender pay gap. Whats gender?? We try to navigate this subject as we always do now and then and may butcher some but please take our words with a learning ear! EAP loves all genders as long as thats 2 biological ones haha. Jokes aside please enjoy this podcast and interact with us socially! Peace

Also please don't take the grid girls away! whats F1 without them.

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