#106 - Skynet in your phone, UFC and Dadcast. Typical EAP

Happy New Year to all the EAP listeners out there old and new. We sit down to record for the first time in 2018 and as always its live streamed on our Facebook. Batch approaches the subject before we record of your phone listening to what you talk about during the day and then targeting advertising at things you talk about among other skynet facebook iphone conspiracies. We also talk about my impending fatherhood and the way new mums and there surrounding cooing fellow females act. Once we are deep in we get onto the current UFC situation and the state of the roster moving into 2018 with the comments centralising around the 155lb belt and whats happening next! Also Rich Shenton if you are trying to listen you are currently banned from EAP and we will enforce that. Peace!

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EAP 106.png