#92 - Batch snook it on me, some wack theories

Welcome to the educated apes podcast this week me and batch sit back and go to town on the worlds worries. Ronda Rousey and her involvement with the WWE with some of the cringiest stuff ever caught on camera. Batch managed to sneak some wresting chat in there also which for him is a must whenever given the opportunity. EAP puts the education system to rights and enjoys trying to find some type of solution to what we think is hindering the countries young and how they are encouraged to develop. We speak about what stuff we have been up to and have planned, giving a shout out to our good friend Peter Bell who has just recently embarked on his own journey. Pete has started an online coaching and nutrition service you can visit at the link below and we would love it if you could support him as you support us even if that is just giving his site and content a whirl. EAP fam for lyf!... Peace