#90 - Bilbo Boxing - Shent to the Ring - Batch broke Phil cup

Welcome to the 90th EAP and Rich's 3rd appearance on the show, he gloats for a minute. We talk about the up and coming UFC shows and what fights excite us. UFC 216 and 217 shows to be two really interesting cards that provide the MMA fan with their fix! We also talk about ACB and some up and coming possible UK fights and fighters! This hatrick ball controversy will get solved once AAAron gets back from being a perfect partner. I cannot believe Batch and Shent had never heard of people being swatted, so we had to go into that. Also its fight week for Canelo v GGG so why not have our resident boxing expert break that shit down! All in a hour and change on the EAP! Peace 

RIP Phil Cup - Not just a camping chair but a ring of fire idol and monument to teenage drinking, Phil was a close friend a loving seating device that stowed away efficiently and a mark of English patriotism that made all surrounding slightly cringe. (Phil Cup 2006-2017) 

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