#87 - Highest PPV Independent Podcast... oh wait

It took the EAP squad a fair while to recover from this weekends happenings! The highest PPV fight of all time and a great result for all involved. USADA handing out warnings for high levels of salt and boxing fans miss interpreting the situation. We went into this ep trying to steer from the subject but spent the first 2/5's running through May Mac. After this though me and AAAron get onto our school lives, nerds toppling bullies, future tech, google cars, steroids, the current climate of online bullying and much more! This is the 3rd month in a Row we have hit over the 1k subscribers for the podcast and we cannot thank you all enough! EAP shirts coming for the 100th ep so I hope you embrace us as well with all other things that are coming. Peace!

A Link to the coffee we were drinking below, support people who are trying to make it. Local self run ventures over big business when you can!