#79 - The million dollar dance - Rich Shenton

Hello and welcome to the EAP episode 79, we reinvade Rich Shenton onto the podcast to get the other view on #MayMac. If you are like me and finally starting to tire of the May Mac WT hype then don’t fold just yet. This conversation we had summarising how we felt about the press tour actually grasped my already dulled mind. I started out so hyped but its been battered by the WWE-esq pressers and shenanigans. That I don’t feel ready for the actual fight although this is the biggest fighting event of our lifetimes and a lot of great entertainment has come from the 4 days tour! We also stray like always to other topics of conversation, although let me warn you this is boxing heavy. WE RUN PODCASTING. "Hard Work!, Boooo”. Stay humble, Peace!