#76 - Peter Bell

Welcome to the Educated Apes Podcast this week we speak to Peter Bell who trains locally, he has recently graduated in Nutritional science. He owns a Bodybuilding, Fitness and Nutrition channel on youtube that you can check out here or on the links on out web site. We sit down and talk through some theories related to how to eat, look at the extremes out there and discuss what we do at the moment. Massive thank you to Pete who stuck though our stupid antics and repeatedly delivering with the true stats and science. Personally I had so much fun sitting down and recording this podcast with these 4 that there is a big chance we will have to run it back and do it again in the future. If you can get at Pete on any of his social with some questions or just some appreciation for coming on then that would mean a lot to us here at EAP. Thats right we socked you again with a double hitter this week the audio version of a 1 - 2 and I hope you stick with us into the future. Peace!! 

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