#70 - 23/05/2017

I struggled to name this podcast and still doubt I have named it aptly, given what happened yesterday evening in the city of Manchester it dominated our conversation and it sits in the front of our minds. I love that city like all great cities I visit and I love people, the world we live in is cruel and I cannot comprehend it at times. All the people that lose their lives to terrorism especially attending a concert that was filled with innocent children. I cant comprehend it and will struggle to. We do not have any answers just offer our raw thoughts and conversation as always. We did not cover this to validate ourselves, this is our expression and I would not want it to be misheard. We pray for all the families affected and rise in anger against any human being that can take the words of a religion and incite or carry out such atrocities. 

Welcome to the Educated Apes podcast, obviously this will be a mixed bag and its for this reason Im stuck more than ever to write this post. Batch returns from Mexico so you get a full compilation of hosts. Stay Humble.