#69 - Them MAGIC pills bruv

Hello and welcome to the EAP, this week we have the answer, that special stuff to get you super shredded and get your dick believably HARD like an average hard. Pills that mean you do no work but look great and be the best god damn human you can be! Them pills that make all females like you Dad bod or not! We aren’t dressing this up, listen to this podcast and you’re guaranteed at least a semi on and several dm’s from straight fire bitches. Me and Az sit down and discuss the elusive Summer Bod, we get bit political which I stress was not my fault and we finish off with the news that McNugget has finally told uncle dana he can rent him out. Is it on? We have no clue but lets talk some more about it! This is Ep 69 of the EAP, Peace!

eap 69