#65 - UFC Update

We run EAP, obviously and we thought that we had not given our favourite sport the just airtime it deserves so strap in as this is all sorts of UFC. We talk at length about the UFC not doing the best job of its promotion with T Bitch getting all too emotional about the state of their publicity. We also discuss the current P4P rankings which has Demetrious Johnson sitting at spot 1 (rightfully so) and questionably Conor McNugget sitting 2nd... You can guess where that goes, I would advise if UFC is not your cup of tea then skip this cheeky number and go back through the archives or maybe go for a walk, re-kindle a love for an old hobby or do some sit-ups I dunno this isn't the SIMs. I hope you all enjoy and as always get us on social media at the links below and leave the podcast a review on iTunes... Peace.