#64 - May ruins Corbys cereal

EAP with a 1 - 2, its unheard of I know but we are straight back at you twice in the same week! Calm down, calm down (the scouse bouncer should have said) this may be a one off for ever but we hope you enjoy the content flow we currently have on the go. This episode me, Batch and Az sit down to discuss recent happenings and "Snap" as Teresa would say we give our warped view on the lot. Whether its a fellow Crewe love getting bopped by a bouncer or the current way our country deals with the unemployed we are there to cover it. The last Ep with P was a lot of fun so please generate some hype around getting him firmly established at least as a regular guest as it is needed. We also may have some exciting podcasting news emerging from the Arta podcast but I do not want to jinx it so shhhhh. Hope you all enjoy the Ep and please drop us a review or get in touch with us at the social media links below!