#62 - Jonny Arta

Episode 62 of the EAP was spent with one of my old friends Jonny Arta who is a music producer and creative person. I want to say media producer but I think that would be selling him short, he is a very driven person who seems to have a plan which in itself baffles me but you will hear more about that. We talk about several topics including the creative process, what drives us to push ourselves and bat shit theories on the future and consuming media. I found this extremely interesting and having Jonny on has opened up a few opportunities for us to collaborate on other things so you will hopefully hear some good news on that soon enough. There is a black mirror spoiler around 30 minutes for around 3 minutes so you may want to hop that if you have not watched there Christmas special. We also talked a little about the origins of EAP as realising the podcast has been together in some capacity for 2 years now.

Jonny Arta Links - Soundcloud - Facebook - Instagram

Gamer - The 2009 film we mentioned about people playing with prisoners in a VR type situation