#57 - The most sexist podcast ever!

Lets get this straight, we love women and believe in equality in its entirety but that wont stop us poking fun at anything. Welcome back to the EAP and this week we are a tad later than previous but all is explained. We cover a few things and truly butcher #pizzagate but I will add some links on the website of what batch was trying to get across. We also joke about the recent woman's march and feminism in its current state or at least how we see it. We would love to get a guest on concerning this topic or just a phone call slash skype chat. Everyone is here to be educated and I want to know the real base facts and reasons behind marching. Please do all the usual good stuff and possibly review us on Facebook or such? 

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Educated Apes: 




This #pizza gate youtube thing is quite far fetched but gives you a chronological account of how these theories have been reached.