Our top episodes - Batch - #56 Sell sell sell!

Here it is folks, the final throw back episode of the show before we hit the big hundred. “Sell sell sell” brings the laughs as Batch tried to change career and become a salesman, we talked stocks and shares and heard stories about what goes on in the world of sales. It also brought the duck sauce x Lexington Steele remix into the lives of Azz and Batch (for better or worse). Hope you enjoy re living the episode and enjoy the 100th..

Original Blurb

We talk about the sales world that Batch has just transitioned out of from his car salesman career. It insights a steaming load of discussions and a good old rant! I have been notified that my posts for these casts have some issues with poor grammar and the improper use of there. I can only apologise and tell you grammar nazi's cheers for the heads up I aim to improve this. We discuss the current state of Lexington Steele based remix's and how great they can be to "stumble" across, check it out below on the website. Talking of great men we sample a brilliant insert from Bill Burr on the man that is Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes I had to google that spelling) which is also on the website. Basically hit up our website you have nothing else better to do. My faith is restored in the podcast comrades who have came through to record finally maybe we will pay to keep the website going. Hit us up at the links below on social media and follow our trip to Vegas at the start of march for UFC 209.