#95 - Have cows jumped over the line? Are we turning pro Vegetarian?

Hold the press EAP is not turning vegetarian any time soon! Although it sounds plausible, Batch may well be turning to Pescetarianism in the near future. We discuss at length the long held debate of what is ok to eat and what is not. Navigating our own skewed morals and interpretations of right and wrong, which is questionable at best! We do not have all the answers but you will listen and possible get offended so hit us up with your own views. We also talk about the recent UFC revelations consisting of who Conor fights now Tony is the Interim Champ? Is DJ or Mighty DJ the GOAT? Can he even be considered the GOAT and how many souls would he take on the streets. Out boy AAAron is also planning on doing some white collar MMA so we plan to help him out with our limited knowledge of competing at all! EAP for lyf, whoop there it is... Peace!  

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