#99 - Not far off a ton, when are we supposed to hate Kevin Spacey?

Episode 99 - First off guys... apologies to those of you who like to catch the Livestream on Facebook for the mishap! THE MAN finally got to us over some copyright bullshit. Having said the the full ep is right here because we won't be kept under the thumb... so fuck da cyber police. 

This week as usual, we talkin' shit. Expert UFC analysis; Batch flexing is WWE knowledge and we drop further truths on the corruption via the perverse bigwigs in Hollywood and it's victims. 

A-Aron is M.I.A again this week as he closes is on is MMA debut. But rest assured he'll be back in full quiff for the landmark 100th Episode of EAP!!! Airing November 10th 2018! So do not miss it... it's gonna be fireworks... literally!

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