#98 - Jamie Coles

Welcome to the Jamie Coles episode of the EAP, Jamie is our first Skype interview so I hope the audio is good enough for your ears. Jamie currently is residing in a town outside of Barcelona in Spain. He gives us an on the ground perspective of the recent Catalan illegal referendum. Jamie was previously a school teach in Spain but currently works for a consultancy in marketing. Jamie is living the European dream as to much envy of Batch and the rest of us. He breaks down the troubles around the referendum and then how that day and the movement of independence is affecting the country. I really enjoyed this podcast and Jamie was an awesome guest who you can get on twitter @JamietheColes, big thank you to Jamie for joining us and everyone for listening. Peace!

https://twitter.com/JamietheColes  //  Jamies Insta - https://www.instagram.com/instajamcoles/?hl=en

Jamie Coles