#96 - Sean Hickey from Extreme Bean

I still cannot believe this podcast got put together, Sean is a friend, a scholar and a gent. He has single handedly built a brand that has a great product in his extreme bean coffee and a community to go with that Extreme Bean. Sean travelled a distance to join us on this podcast and we discuss the route to his business from being on the corporate hamster wheel. Now do not worry its not like we didn't twist his topics and offend all topics we touched in the process! #Chimneysweeprights . If Extreme Bean ever get their own podcast going then I'm sure he will provide unreal informative content and you will all want to listen. I think we need to adopt some of the porn memes though as he has this niche category on lockdown! Thank you again to Sean and all our unreal listeners, we have our own community no matter how twisted they may be. Peace!

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