#54 - We are back!

Hello and welcome back to the Educated Apes Podcast, we have returned like the bad smell your partner febreezed last mont, we cant help that for sure! The team now consists of Josh, Batch & Aaron. We talk about the recent Boxing and MMA news to come from the fights this past weekend and the fight community in The JAB Lab! Was 2016 really that bad of a year and can we really say it was the worst yet? Do we need to address the clear issues with disengaged public and youth here in the UK and across the pond? This is all explored in MMBS with your host Aaron, who also fills us in on a harrowing story from his past where he was literally stalked and still suffers flash backs from. Also to round things up, Josh'll Fix it... still cringing at this but we fancy ourselves as a dab hand at relationship advice so we decide to trawl the internet looking for a possible soul to advice against there knowledge!