Josh Cherrington The brains of the EAP and do'er of most of the work. If not posting and editing the podcast, you will find him wrestling. All views and issues raised on the EAP are his own and need to be taken in jest or you're a boring mofo. I mean, who can get upset at us having a laugh on the podcast and then broadcasting it to your ears. My favourite Episodes that you should defiantly check out are Neil Taylor, Car Boots & High School Bullies and Introducing Adam Price


Twitter: @Joshchez

Tom Batchelor  an expert at being a BJJwhite belt and convincing himself he is better at everything than he truly is. Tom brings a charm and charisma to the podcast that's unmatched. The good looking one and the star of the show, his twitter following is rumoured to be in the hundreds. When he's not writing his own bio in the third person or taking cool pictures with tigers; Tom occasionally explores his inner self using isolation tanks or other methods. Never short of an idiotic comment, most of his ideas and views have no basis in reality or fact so enjoy the ride. 

Twitter @tombatch58

Rory Chandler the organised member of the Educated Apes team, joining in late 2015, Rory is tasked with keeping the website up to date and keeping the team moving in the right direction.

Spending his free time in the gym, reading historical fiction, gaming, or watching the UFC; it is a surprise he finds time to create content too. 

Rory first appeared as a guest on the podcast, and the progression to EAP member seemed only natural. Rory brings with him an eclectic range of interests, and manages to retain an unusual amount of useless (yet interesting) information.

Twitter @rorychandler