#122 - Nightshift workers appreciation club

This week Josh and AAA has been working while you sleep which isnt the biggest deal ever but we speak through why sometimes it sucks. We also go on to bang our shared parental leave drum and talk about the peculiarity of the bull breed dogs out there. i apologise for the occasional barking of the 4th member of EAP Opie the attention seeking ABD. 

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#121 - Facebook didnt leak your stuff, we give it away!

This is the educated apes podcast and we release content when we feel like it, it has little to no value on the internet and in real life. The majority of what we say is not tangible and can not be of any use to anyone! I mean how many of you folk even read this and I spend ages writing it. This week Josh and AAAron talk about recent happenings including the Zuccc on Facebook and the stealing all your deets. We speak fatherhood and the UFC with recent happenings we 100% cannot cover it all so yeah were not a MMA podcast we are nothing. See you next time more content NEVER. EAP fo lyf peace!!

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#120 - Josh is ready for the chip

We talk about how tech is creeping up on us, Batch voices his opinion on the privacy line and where he stands with Bio Hacking. Do we hoe out or details for free stuff or go buddhist monk on these fools snap our smart phones and run for the hills? Facebook sneaks in Obv. We also talk about Savile and the Doc that was on BBC about R Kelly where he is accused of being a nonce and shown to have plenty of skeletons with him in the closet.... Plus who could forget UFC 223 although this was just before the Conor on a rampage story broke we will cover that next time! Don't like it then hunt us down and throw chairs at our Bus!! haha Peace.

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#119 - Natural Talent vs Hard Work

EAP back after a week break, hope all the listeners have a good easter break or have had a good easter if you listen after... praise baby Jesus and him breaking out of that cave thing! Batch and Josh sit down in the studio and chat about what motivates him to lose weight and the tricks that he is employing. We debate natural talent vs hard work and have some what of a heated discussion. Is social a big rip and taking over our attention giving the amount of time we spend on our phones? Check yours and make the necessary changes for the better!! Peace and stay cool #streetsmarts

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#118 - Bubble wrap ya kid, Trump calls China "Motherf**kers"

We try to tell you how to parent a child with no more than a few months of parneting experience between us, classic. Does the Russian sickle reach to the UK, is this a real threat to us or an anti Russian spin? Hair issues, what is the most robust cut hahaha always a carry on for Batch and his pube beard. We are going to watch UFC London this weekend and will hopefully get some content together but we still talk current MMA and the dream UK card.

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#117 - Lazy Saturday EAP Original

Hello EAP listeners we are back to our roots where me and Batch spend a faithful Saturday afternoon recording an old style podcast for the homies. We talk current UFC news, personalities in boxing and big fights to make soon. Treble A was busy being a grown up so we snook this one in before our trip to UFC London next week for the Verdum Fight. We will be posting a survey soon so you listeners can have a say in which direction we take the podcast.

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#116 - Az will out bench Keanu Reeves

Red pill or Blue pill? Digging that shaved head? We talk about the fact that wrestling is the ultimate martial art IMO and that BJJ comes second I guess. We also talk Comic book films and the film industry as a whole. Gaming currently with throw backs to red dead and the bully game, these were staples in us growing up and we need to make gaming great again or maybe we have grown up. We try not to double over gun control in Murica all over again and all their freedom. Will the Saudi prince be allowed into the UK and how many guns will May sell him? All valid issues that devolve into a current affairs rant. Life is cruel, I hope you all have a great kill to death ration on COD! Peace!

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#115 - Steroids in Sochi, Luke Rockhold #Metoo

Welcome to this weeks installation of the EAP! We talk about the Sochi olympics, tree surgery and the current UFC Scene as of last weekend! A Me too campaign needs creating for Luke Rockhold as he was abused by a Sweaty Columbian man all up in his grill coming onto him in the workplace. Stipe Miocic do you think he makes a great champ? Can he do everything outside of the ring that is required from a Champ!? Keep it real sorry we went dark with Chris Benoit! Keep playing the gains game and shoutout to the veggies! we loooovvee you. #plantbasedpodcast.

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#114 - Rainbow has the worst innuendos imaginable! Cast Barry in it!

This week we sit down and look at how mussed up old TV show Rainbow was, the literal amount of sexual innuendoes hurts your head. We looking into why it was so sexualised and how that would fly in 2018. We also enjoy watching the Pastor videos from America and across the world where they knock humans across the halls screaming for baby jesus. Lastly we move onto the world becoming a more tech sufficient place that displaces "blue collar" workers and ordinary folk like you and me.

Janes been banging away with Rod and Rodger...

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#113 - Return of the Bell, Qualified Nutrition

Here to claim his hat trick is Peter Bell the man behind Qualified Nutrition and friend of the EAP. We talk about the origins of motivation and that Batch has made recent moves to throw his nutrition at Pete and hopefully improve his chance of reaching his goal. Pete shares our struggle of trying to blow up a side hustle and spread content on the whim of social media. We really love having these convo's with inspirational people doing inspirational bits. We find it educating and keeps us on the move. If anyone is out there on the move and wants to share that journey with EAP and its ever growing community then please hit us up. Peace!

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#112 - To infinity and Beyond the Tesla..

Educated Apes Podcast chat about the real life Iron Man Elon mother trucking Musk and his SpaceX tesla orbiting earth. He is even live streaming it, what world are we living in the guy is doing gods work! What do we understand about dogs and how they react, how we feel about the puppy farms of the world and Facebook trading of mans best friend. Az wants to highlight how the modern overweight PT makes a mockery of fitness and Batch admits to being an avid Zumba partier.

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#111 - Feminism is so 2017 guys

Here yee here yee snowflakes one and all come be offended as we try to piece together what we feel the world of biased and untold unjust gender logic... We don't have a clue like the vast majority, are ther 5, 10, 80 pro nouns I should know. What are the reasons men on average earn more in the stats presented on the side of the gender pay gap. What is the gender pay gap. Whats gender?? We try to navigate this subject as we always do now and then and may butcher some but please take our words with a learning ear! EAP loves all genders as long as thats 2 biological ones haha. Jokes aside please enjoy this podcast and interact with us socially! Peace

Also please don't take the grid girls away! whats F1 without them.

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#110 - Andrew Done

We had the pleasure of inviting Andrew Done into the studio to join us for episode 110 of the Educated Apes Podcast. Andrew is a classic body building champion and a motivational fitness poster. We talk about the social media life and posting inspirational material, current trends of dieting and generally grinding with that applying to all sports. We talk about what sports generate the most interest and money in the UK. Always talking about cryptocurrencies and the general mood on the scene at the moment ponzi schemes and all. Hustling selling cars and working the general 9-5! Peace

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#109 - Ballistic Missile warning THIS IS NOT A DRILL

Welcome to Ep 109 of the EAP this is not a drill podcasting missiles predicted for the next hour or so, unless you pause us then we will be waiting. EAP has become an independent studio dwelling podcast with all the frills of a free podcast by a bunch of dudes. We speak about  the current missile warnings, batch hating on rich privilege kids, vegetarians, soccer chants and the upcoming UFC220 and Bellator events. Thank you for listening and the continued support! We apologise about the lack of sound on the livestream, I messed up! Peace.

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Ballistic Missile warning THIS IS NOT A DRILL

#108 - Dadcast snook it in past Batch

Me and AAA-ron had been chatting our boring fatherly chat over the last few eps, with Az recently becoming a Dad and me stepping up to the plank soon. We have been slipping in the odd comment and experience recently but the proverbial cat is out of the bag with this Ep. Dadcast, the one place we can just blurt out how the unspoken half copes and what they have to go through, its a thing and we wanted to explore it. We cant help what path our life takes but sure as hell can chat about it to hundreds of people and some how squeeze in some dick chat. Hope you enjoy the ep and thank you for supporting EAP! 

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#107 - New studio swag! Whats the difference with youtube famous?

Finally we are into our forever home the new EAP studio that has been a project long coming. We talk about the Logan Paul youtuber who found the body and posted it in a vlog. The upcoming UFC fight night and some relevant mma news. whether we would be happy with a child of ours becoming internet famous be that Instagram or something else more sinister. Also a massive congratulations to the newest EAP dad (its now a thing), AAA-ron the man himself! Thank you for listening to this point and being part of our journey. Peace!

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#106 - Skynet in your phone, UFC and Dadcast. Typical EAP

Happy New Year to all the EAP listeners out there old and new. We sit down to record for the first time in 2018 and as always its live streamed on our Facebook. Batch approaches the subject before we record of your phone listening to what you talk about during the day and then targeting advertising at things you talk about among other skynet facebook iphone conspiracies. We also talk about my impending fatherhood and the way new mums and there surrounding cooing fellow females act. Once we are deep in we get onto the current UFC situation and the state of the roster moving into 2018 with the comments centralising around the 155lb belt and whats happening next! Also Rich Shenton if you are trying to listen you are currently banned from EAP and we will enforce that. Peace!

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EAP 106.png

#105 - Festive board games and stacking fake cash

We come and we go but you still get an ep every now and then, sorry about our absence we hope you have a great festive period! This episode Josh and Batch sit down and try to wrap their head around 2017 as a whole and the festive tsunami thats fast approaching, losing track of days, eating way too much, making awkward convos and all other compulsory holiday season things. I have to apologise for being filthy ill on this episode. Peace!


#104 - BS Martial Arts

This is the 104th episode of the educated apes podcast! We dive initially into the world of Bullsh*t martial arts where a Sensei resides who fools people into thinking they are combatively superior to the majority when really it is all voodoo and smoke mirror combos. We also move onto UFC and MMA news looking at the recent Detroit card, the shuffling of fighters on the roster and what Mr McGregor has been up to of late in the news! I hope you all enjoy the episode and have a great day! Peace!

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#103 - Ross Chandler

EAP we play chess not checkers, Ross Chandler the up and coming tattoo artist in Crewe. If you look on his insta or his tattooing instagram you will see this guy has been a talented artist since way back when! He is the maverick behind the much adored EAP logo and other artwork we use week in week out, we cant thank him enough. We speak about tattooing in depth and all aspects of the grind Ross has faced and will face coming through. Trends and aspects of tattooing how they have changed over time, also whether Batch would get Josh on his chopper... all valid subjects. Please show Ross some support and get on his Instagram showing love and if you think you would want to book in with him come January then drop him an email fools! Peace

Ginger Monkey Facebook, Ginger monkey Instagram and Phone No 01270 255550

Ross Personal Insta, Ross Tattoo Insta and rosschandlertattoo@gmail.com

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